Friday, August 27, 2010

Equipment - Cutting Boards

Equipment... we all need it. We all want it! Well when cutting up them there steaks and veggies for that next AWESOME BBQ your doing for Labor Day.... remember the basics... and the cutting board is no exception.

Cutting Board color guide

  • Choosing Type & Style

    Cutting boards are available in many types, colors and sizes. The different types are plastic, tempered glass, wooden, steel, marble and corian. The glass, steel, marble and corian cutting boards seem to damage your knives over time. You can get a various colors of cutting boards to match any decor. Cutting boards are available in shapes of rectangular, square, round and oval as standards but can be customized to any shape you would like such as a rooster. Some of the top picks for cutting boards are wooden boards by John Boos & Co, a high-density plastic by Architec which are dishwasher safe, SiliconeZone nonskid flexible chopping mats, and Progressive multicolor flexible chopping mats. Plastic boards are the most affordable and come in thick or thin, hard or flexible and various colors. Glass boards are beautiful and made to complement any decor. They are the most sanitary and easy to clean. Glass boards are the hardest on knife edges. Wooden boards are the easiest on knife edges and preferred by many people. Bamboo cutting boards cost more, but have a longer lifespan.
  • Little Tip

    A cool tip is to use synthetic cutting boards, with a different color for different kinds of food. Such as red cutting board for raw meat, a yellow cutting board for poultry and a green cutting board for vegetables. This will help cut down on cross contamination.
  • Cleaning Tips

    Wooden boards are usually harder to clean and are not dishwasher safe. They get cuts and cracks which can harbor bacteria and must be thoroughly cleaned. After using the cutting board you should immediately wash in hot soapy water and periodcally sanitize by spraying the board with a solution of one and a half teaspoons chlorine bleach to one pint water, let sit for two minutes, rinse and dry. Make sure your cutting boards are completely dry before storing to avoid possible cross contamination.


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